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TEXSTRAND™ easily incorporate natural fibers and core material into hempcrete, insulation, coreboards, molding and much more.

Over the past decade, the construction industry continuously evolved toward sustainable solutions and environmentally conscious building. With constant innovation, TexStrand™ prepares to supply materials toward a more sustainable building process, and provides innovative solutions to homeowners, contractors, builders, designers, and architects. By 2021, we expect a global demand of over $3.5 billion for natural fiber composites in the building and construction industry. With thousands of applications, TexStrand™ wants to be the supply chain solution for your company. We will take the building and construction industry to the highest level of efficiency and sustainability. Our natural fibers can already be utilized in railings, decking, door panels, window frames, structural beams, and other building materials.


Building Advantages

Our sustainable materials enable the fabrication of large, biodegradable structures with reduced weight, lower embodied energy, and an increased CO2 offset. These advantages often translate into cost-effectiveness, in an industry where around 70% of the total cost is for raw materials.


Natural Fiber Insulation

Taking full advantage of the thermal and acoustic properties of hemp, kenaf, and flax fiber, TexStrand™ has developed our own Natural Fiber Insulation. An ideal option for contractors, architects, and consumers looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional synthetic insulation materials.


Hemp Coreboard

TexStrand™ also has developed Hemp CoreBoard, which is made with large hemp Hurd particles. This offers an alternative to timber-based substrates like traditional particle and fiber boards used in furniture, cabinetry, wall partitions, decorative panels and more.



As sustainable innovation sweeps the nation, a growing interest in the century-old material called Hempcrete, which combines hemp hurd and lime, has started to gain the interest of architects and building contractors. This light-weight, highly insulated material can be used as an exterior wall or insulation for those seeking a truly sustainable home.



Hempcrete Blocks For Sustainable Construction and Renovation Projects visit


TEXSTRAND™ currently offers Hemp Hurd in varying size specifications for use in Hempcrete. For more information, visit the contact us page and submit an inquiry!


Sustainable materials contribute to LEED certifications

As public demand continues to grow for sustainable options throughout the construction industry, a growing focus has been placed on industry standard sustainable certifications. By using TexStrand™ materials in your projects, you’re keeping structures in line with eco-friendly protocols and working your way towards acquiring a LEED certification.


TexStrand™ fibers are an ideal wood replacement in timber-based fiber composites. Some of these building applications are:


Bathtubs and shower walls

Fiber Reinforced Panels (FRP)

Privacy dividers and translucent accent panels

Fiber reinforced concrete counters and siding

Fiber-based molding and home accents


Highest Quality

Our products and materials always equal or out-perform traditional materials. Quality and performance are non-negotiable. From seeds to harvest, we pay close attention so we always deliver consistent, high-quality products.