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Clean Water

Clean Water

TEXSTRAND™'natural fibers easily integrate into filtration systems like those found in wastewater management processing facilities..


The Clean Water Act of 1972 established a control program for ensuring that communities have clean water by regulating municipal wastewater dischargers. The wastewater remediation process is a pivotal piece in ensuring healthy households across the country and supporting the agricultural base with fresh, usable water. Additionally, it is important to clean water so that it can be returned to the natural environment without damaging ecosystems.


Bulk natural filtration material for wastewater treatment facilities

In addition to their sustainability advantages, TexStrand™ natural fibers and milled core options are highly absorbent and offer filtration properties unique from those found in synthetic materials.


Easily integrate into nonwoven filter applications

Each of our natural fibers possesses ideal attributes for filtration processes. Making them an excellent option for nonwoven filtration mats that are typically made from synthetic materials.


Highest Quality

Our products and materials always equal or out-perform traditional materials. Quality and performance are non-negotiable. From seeds to harvest, we pay close attention so we always deliver consistent, high-quality products.